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Once you have been contacted with a property that is of interest to you, received the full details and made contact with the owner to view the property, you will need to be prepared to apply for references. Take along some photographic personnel identification such as drivers licence, passport etc, and also some documentary evidence such as a bank statement so that your identity can be verified.

If you like the property and would like to go ahead and providing that the landlord agrees, then your next step is to fill in the Reference Application Form of the landlords preferred agency and pay the fee of approximately 50 per applicant by PayPal or credit card.

References are usually returned within a couple of days and if everything is satisfactory, then the Rent2Buy option agreement can go ahead.

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Please Note: The Rent2Buy schemes referred to are based on the originals used directly by the operators of this website. They are used as examples for your information, however Rent2Buy properties are offered by a large number of individual investors who may use variations of this theme. Full details will be provided to you when you express an interest in a featured property. Each investor has signed up as one of our Associates before being allowed to use the facilities of this site and has agreed to a set of rules and ethical guidelines for your protection. Click here to view this agreement.