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Who is your typical potential tenant/buyer?

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Rent2buy sometimes referred to as rent to own is for young or older couples who may be your typical first time buyer. They constantly struggle against all the odds to raise the deposit required for the typical mortgage and fear the prospect of spending a life renting. They could well be your own son and daughter. They could be you.


A rent2buy scheme is for the people, who are not able to fulfil their dreams of owning a home. Such people are always turned down or disqualified while purchasing homes due to bad credit or employment history. Rent2buy schemes are suitable for such heartbreaks, and can help everyday people own a home.

Some people have good salaries and a good rental history, but have a few blemishes and glitches on their credit reports. The lenders also ignore them by demanding huge down payments for financing. Such problems can be solved by use of a rent2buy scheme.

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Even if you are not interested in making lots of Extra Money you would have to be a crazy person to carry on paying all that money on Gas, Electricity, Phone, Petrol and Shopping Bills. Let me show you the answer.

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